Policies and Procedures

Emmaus College has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our School life. These provide the framework within which we operate.

The Catholic Education Office, Parramatta Diocese also provides advice and recommendations on educational and administrative policies and priorities, and monitors policy implementation.

If you have any questions in relation to policies or other general enquiries please contact the school by email or phone on 9670 8300 weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

School Based Policies

School attendance plays a critical role in enhancing the lives of the students at Emmaus Catholic College.

It is a fundamental right of everyone in our College community to feel safe. It is the right of everyone to be able to come to our school each day without fear of being intimidated, humiliated or threatened verbally or physically with harm. Bullying denies this right to members of our College community and as such bullying is not accepted in our school.

  Bus Procedures
Procedures to follow when using buses and other public transport to transport students.

  Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan
This plan has been designed to assist management to protect life and property in the event of a bush fire. The decision to either EVACUATE or SHELTER-IN-PLACE as the primary action under general bush fire conditions is one of the more important decisions to be made. This decision is based upon a good understanding of the location, occupants, the effects of bush fire and the time needed to act.

  Child Protection Protocols
The following protocols are to be observed by all College personnel and are supported by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Parramatta.

This policy outlines the procedures for staff, students, parents or members of the wider community who may wish to raise a concern about an issue at the College that they deem to be unsatisfactory or unreasonable.

  Critical Incident Management
The plan outlines a general response and provides resources and a checklist to assist members of the team as they undertake the work of caring for the school community whilst orienting the school back to normal operations as soon as is appropriate.

  Evacuation and Shutdown
Procedures to follow in case of an evacuation, lockdown or grass fire.

The wearing of the College uniform by all students and the maintenance of a high standard around dress and grooming are clear expectations at Emmaus Catholic College.

Learning is a life long process and children can benefit when families and schools work in partnership. At Emmaus Catholic College we value the active support and involvement of parents in the education process.

  Maintaining Right Relations
Emmaus Catholic College considers all discrimination, racism, harassment and bullying to be unacceptable behaviour because it undermines the intrinsic dignity of the individual person. In addition, discrimination, racism, harassment and bullying diminish the work performance of individuals and the effectiveness of the College in our mission of Catholic education.

  NSW Canteen Policy
The Fresh Tastes NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy is all about giving students across NSW a taste for healthy foods.

  Pastoral Nights Protocols
Emmaus Catholic College organises pastoral nights each term to build a sense of community within year groups.

  Road Safety Procedures and Management
Procedures to follow in relation to road safety in the school precinct.

  Student Award Scheme
The student award scheme is a three tier scheme that incorporates elements of in-class, College community and wider community activities.

  Student Leadership Procedures
The student award scheme is student-initiated, with specific goals negotiated between the student and the Leader of Mission.

  Student Management
The Emmaus Catholic College community seeks to be a Catholic, caring learning community, walking together with Jesus on a journey of connection and revelation; As we seek to do this, we focus on creating a cooperative learning environment. We strive to be respectful and inclusive.

  Serious Incidents Flowchart
This flowchart supports the Student Management Policy.

  Sun Safe
The purpose of this sun safety policy is to ensure all students and staff members attending our College are protected from the harmful effects of the sun throughout the year.


System Policies

  Complaint Handling Policy

This policy supports responding to concerns or grievances raised by school community members.

  Complaint Handling Procedures and Guidelines

This document outlines the options and the informal and formal process for raising concerns and managing grievances within our educational communities.

  Procedural Fairness Guidelines

These guidelines outline the process for responding to allegations requiring that issues be put to the respondent before a decision is made about a complaint.

  Alumni collection notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Australian Privacy Principles

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Employment Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Privacy Statement

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Privacy Compliance Manual

The Privacy Manual contains detailed information and examples about implementation of the Australian Privacy Principles. For the most up-to-date version of the Manual always check CEC's website.

  Standard Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Volunteer and Contractor Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  BOSTES Governance Procedures

The BOSTES Governance Procedures respond to new requirements of the BOSTES Registration Systems and Member Non-government Schools (NSW) Manual.

  Stewardship Policy

This policy sets out the accountabilities for responsible governance and management of CEDP resources

  AntiBullying Procedures

The Anti-Bullying Procedures provide a framework for school communities to work together to prevent and address issues of student bullying.

  Banned Substances Procedure

This Procedure covers the possession and use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or other substances, and the misuse of 'over the counter' and prescribed medications, including the supply of restricted substances on school premises.

  Child Protection Procedures

Replaces former Child Protection Policy

  Suspension Transfer Expulsion and Exclusion Procedures

Revised Sept2013 - includes additional requirement to advise EDS when withdrawing a student during suspension

  Weapons Procedure

The Weapons Procedure aims to prevent prohibited weapons from being present on the school site to minimise risk to staff and students.