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What We Offer

Students at Emmaus are offered:

  • the chance to be part of a community of learners and educators committed to consistent improvement
  • guidance on their personal spiritual path
  • a relevant, modern and practical education
  • a comprehensive curriculum tailored to each student’s needs
  • meaningful connections with their peers, school and parish communities
  • encouragement and support to pursue their dreams
  • an environment promoting personalised learning

Emmaus sees itself as one member of a learning community that encompasses the local primary schools, parishes and wider community. As such, the college works in partnership with these, sharing facilities and resources wherever possible.

The perfect setting for success

Emmaus is set on an expansive site of more than 16 hectares, surrounded by native bushland. An extensive network of school buses provides fast and reliable transport to the College’s peaceful location, free from distractions and traffic.

College facilities include:

  • multi-purpose centre with performance space
  • spacious hall for whole school gatherings
  • innovative music rooms
  • well-resourced Learning Centre
  • commercial kitchen
  • contemporary computer and Science labs
  • well-equipped Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) workshops
  • ample sporting ovals and playing fields

Religious Education

In addition to the Religious Education curriculum that is taught during lessons, students across all year groups participate in learning opportunities beyond the classroom. In Years 7 - 10, this takes the form of a Spirituality Day while in Years 11 and 12, students participate in relevant excursions and incursions aimed at enriching students’ understanding of the dynamic and living nature of the religious traditions studied.

Some of the special initiatives that are run through the Religious Education team include:

  • Aboriginal Christmas Gifts: This ministry involves facilitating opportunities for interested staff members to donate gifts to a local Aboriginal Mission group. The gifts are distributed to Aboriginal children for Christmas.
  • Project Compassion (CARITAS): Term 1 Lenten whole school fundraiser to support the work of CARITAS. Leaders of Wellbeing work with homeroom teams to raise money. Money is collected regularly from homerooms, counted and tallies updated.
  • Winter Appeal: Term 2 whole school blanket and warm clothing drive to support the homeless and raise awareness of homelessness. Students bring items to the library during homeroom and these are donated to the local Vinnies conference for distribution.
  • Winter Sleep Out: Held late in Term 2, the Winter Sleep Out provides an opportunity for students to get a taste of homelessness. Students sleep overnight at Emmaus - participating in various activities relating to homelessness. A guest speaker from Vinnies addresses the group.
  • Christmas Hampers: Held late in Term 2, the Winter Sleep Out provides an opportunity for students to get a taste of homelessness. Students sleep overnight at Emmaus - participating in various activities relating to homelessness. A guest speaker from Vinnies addresses the group.
  • Vinnies Van: 2 staff take out a group of 5 students on the Vinnies Van. The van goes to Mount Druitt and Parramatta, providing food and company to the homeless in the community. Note that training is needed to participate in this ministry. This is offered in Term 4 each year in preparation for the following year.
  • Vinnies Doorknock: Staff and students meet at Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair. Small groups head out into the streets around the Church and knock on doors asking people to donate to the work of the St Vincent de Paul society.
  • Emmaus Village: Staff and students walk down to Emmaus Village on a Wednesday afternoon where they spend time with the residents of the village, providing friendship, enjoying conversation and playing games.
  • BASIC GIFT youth group (sport): This youth group runs during sport and is linked to BASIC GIFT youth at Holy Spirit Parish, St Clair. The idea behind this ministry is to continue to build on the partnership between Emmaus and the local parish.
  • Creative Justice: This ministry runs during sport. The students involved participate in activities as determined by the supervising teacher and as needed depending on the particular activities going on at school e.g. assisting with wrapping Christmas hampers, folder Project Compassion boxes, making Christmas decorations for Emmaus village.

Learning Support

At Emmaus Catholic College we have a team of specialist teachers and trained teacher assistants who work with the whole school community, including parents, to provide consultation, assessment, planning and referral services for students with diverse learning needs.

Learning Support teachers work in a number of different ways such as:

  • Targeted teaching
  • Consulting with and supporting class teachers with curriculum differentiation
  • Coordinating the Personalised Plan process
  • Liaising with the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta in areas such as assessment and funding applications

Special programs and initiatives include:

  • In-class and tutorial study support
  • Reading intervention programs 
  • School-based special provisions to ‘level the playing field’ during assessments (for example, a reader, a scribe and/or extra time)
  • Life Skills programs of study for a small percentage of students for whom the regular outcomes and content are not appropriate
  • Itinerant teacher support programs for students with a hearing or vision impairment
  • Educational psychologist assessment and advice
  • Personalised Planning processes for students
  • Referral to Transition programs to employment or further studies/ training

Careers Advice

At Emmaus our students have the opportunity to speak to our experienced careers adviser. It is here where students will find and gather information about Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training as well as work opportunities.

Specific programs are developed to assist students with variety of post school options such as the Western Sydney Careers Expo, Western Sydney University Fast Forward Program, the ACU Step Up Into Teaching and Uni Step Up – Health Science. Tailored Work Experience Programs are developed to meet the needs of individual students.

Services provided by the Careers Adviser include:

  • One-to-one interviews
  • Small group discussions
  • Resume writing, job seeking and interview skills
  • Student directed on-line careers investigation
  • Support with the UAC process
  • University scholarship applications
  • University alternative entry schemes
  • Preparation for Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Vocational Education and Training applications and employment applications
  • HSC subject selections

Students are encouraged to meet with the careers adviser (Mrs Maria Scarfone) to discuss their many post school options and preparation for a successful contribution to the world of work.

Sports and Activities

Sport in year 7-10 is mandatory. Students will have the opportunity to participate in four Sports (1 per term) of their choice over the course of the year. Sport selections are done online using our school system ‘Sentral’ and student participate in a Sport for the duration of the term. Sport selections occur on designated days for each year group and occur in the last few weeks of each term.

Venue sports include Flipout, Rock Climbing, AMF Bowling, Ice Skating, Don Bosco and Gymnastics. These Sports involve a weekly cost of approximately $5-$10.

School based sports such as Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Touch football, Art, Creative Justice, Basic Gift, Make-up Artistry, Creative and Performing Arts, Hip Hop Dance and Coding/Robotics. Some of these Sports have a one off fee for the term and others have no applicable cost.

Parramatta Diocese Secondary Schools Sports Council Thursday Competition offers a variety of Sports that are played against other schools in the Diocese. Over 3 seasons, these include AFL, Touch football, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby League, Baseball, Netball, Oz-tag, Cricket, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Softball. There is no fee for participation in representative Sport. Students are provided a jersey for the duration of the season and it is their responsibility to wash, bring to each game and return at the end of the season. A replacement fee of $50 applies if this is lost or damaged.

Emmaus achievements and records include:

  • PDSSSC Representative Intermediate Boys Soccer 2016 Premiers
  • PDSSSC Representative Touch Football 2016 Premiers
  • PDSSSC Representative Touch Football 2016 Runners Up

The College runs the following annual carnivals:

  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics

Students who qualify at these carnivals then progress to represent the College at the PDSSSC, CCC and NSW All Schools level. Upon enrolment, students are organised into one of our four Sporting houses:

  • Cana (Red)
  • Tabor (Yellow)
  • Mamre (Green)
  • Jordan (Blue)

Students are reminded to wear their hat and apply sunscreen at all College carnivals and when participating in Thursday afternoon Sport.

Students are able to register as wildcard independent entries to trial to represent Parramatta and the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges in the following Sports:
AFl, Baseball, Diving, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Softball, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball, Water Polo.

Curriculum initiative - Here Program

This acronym stands for History, English, Religious Education. It is an integrated program where we combine the three subjects to assist students in seeing links between their learning. It also helps students transition from Primary school to High school by having one teacher for 17 lessons in their fortnightly schedule. This gives them a teacher that can support them in their learning and help them build their skill base. The program has been designed to be more interactive and to promote independent thinking and creativity. Students will also be exposed to the ‘Habits of Mind’ that are common in successful people. This will help promote a ‘growth mindset’ that will instil in them the qualities they need to achieve to their potential in their studies.

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Contact Staff

  • 87-109 Bakers Lane
    Kemps Creek NSW 2178
    PO Box 631, St Marys 1790
    tel 9670 8300

    Please use the form below to contact Emmaus Catholic College.

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