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  We walk with Jesus as people of FAITH:

  • Seeking to know, love and serve our God
  • Proudly celebrating our Catholic tradition and values
  • Sharing in prayer and the sacramental life of the Church
  • Proclaiming the Word and bearing witness to the Good News

    We walk with Jesus as people of MERCY:

  • Giving thanks for God’s abundant mercy 
  • Living a life of contemplation and action
  • Embracing an attitude of forgiveness and compassion
  • Enlivened by the spirit of Catherine McAuley and the Mercy Sisters

    We walk with Jesus as people of RESPECT: 

  • Conscious of our own human dignity
  • Valuing learning opportunities and striving for excellence 
  • Treating others with care, kindness, tolerance and consideration 
  • Committed to responsible stewardship of the environment

    We walk with Jesus as people of HOSPITALITY:

  • Seeking to create a welcoming and inclusive community
  • Offering friendship, comfort and support
  • Fostering trust, honesty, openness and integrity 
  • Celebrating diversity

    We walk with Jesus as people of SERVICE:

  • Reaching out to others especially the poor and marginalised
  • Generously sharing our time, gifts, talents and resources
  • Placing the needs of others before our own
  • Working for peace, justice and equality


Mission & Goals

Emmaus is a Catholic learning community which provides breadth and opportunity in education and promotes the growth of human potential based on Gospel values.  Each individual is nurtured to achieve his or her full potential and to become a confident, autonomous learner.  Students are empowered to give expression to inner strengths, to develop a passion for life and to contribute positively to the wider community.

The staff of Emmaus Catholic College believe:

  • All students can learn and succeed
  • Quality relationships are fundamental to learning
  • Students are empowered by high expectations combined with structured guidance and affirmation.

Our Goals

The College will focus on the following five goals:

Growing in the Catholic Faith

The College will seek to be a caring Catholic community in which all members are nurtured and challenged by the Christian faith.

Emmaus will work toward this goal by:

  •  supporting and complementing the efforts of parents, who are the first educators in faith for their children.
  • providing a variety of opportunities for faith development.
  • integrating the faith dimension throughout all aspects of the curriculum.
  • basing all policies and programmes in the values of the Gospel.
  • exercising a preferential option for the poor in our community whether they be materially, spiritually, socially or emotionally poor.
  • integrating the life of the church with the life of the College.

Fostering a Learning Community

The College will seek to  develop among its students and staff a love of learning and  the skills of learning.

Emmaus will work towards this goal by:

  • setting challenging, realistic learning outcomes and communicating these to students at the start of units of work
  • planning learning experiences in cooperation with students to meet stated outcomes.
  • continuing to provide a curriculum offering both academic and vocational studies in the senior school.
  • incorporating Life Skills outcomes appropriately to cater for students with special needs
  • providing opportunities for students to celebrate their learning achievements.
  • using a range of strategies to cater for the variety of learning styles.
  • developing a culture of reflective practice and explicit ongoing evaluation and curriculum development.

Strengthening Community Relationships

The College will seek to achieve its mission through partnership with parents and pastors and in cooperation with business and community groups.

Emmaus will work toward:

  • fostering open communication between parents and staff
  • using the student diary, Emmaus College Newsletter and website as regular mediums of communication
  • maintaining partnerships with business which benefit students as well as the companies concerned
  • exploring possibilities to enhance community involvement in the College and to showcase College talent and achievement in the wider community.

Developing a Culture of Shared Leadership

The College will promote a management style which builds a sense of community.

Emmaus will seek to achieve this goal by:

  • having major policy decisions which affect everyone made collaboratively and based on appropriate research.
  • having Executive decisions made clearly and effectively disseminated promptly to the community.
  • providing structures and guidance to ensure that Leaders of Learning and Leaders of Mission function as effective team leaders and have significant input into decisions and directions.
  • allowing the principle of subsidiarity to operate as the benchmark for staff authority and responsibility

Creative and Effective Sharing of Resources and Facilities

The College will develop its facilities and resources in such a way that they meet the current and future needs of the College community and are valued and respected by its students, teachers and parents.

Emmaus will seek to achieve this goal by:

  • encouraging a sense of stewardship and pride in the College and its physical environment
  • determining the preferred way for the College to incorporate technology to enhance effective learning
  • developing a medium-long term plan for the maintenance and development of College  facilities
  • rationalising the purchase and use of resources in the College
  • encouraging students to reflect on their life experiences, aspirations and ‘dreams’
  • encouraging students in community outreach and valuing of the contribution to Australian society of indigenous and multicultural Australians
  • understanding the impact of technology on society and evaluating the potential of technologies for good and evil.

Our Mission Statement

Emmaus Catholic College seeks to be a dynamic Catholic learning community in which students, their families, the staff and pastors walk together with Jesus on a journey of connection and revelation.

We achieve this as:

  • We walk with Jesus, sharing in prayer, word and sacrament, searching to know and love our God;
  • We walk with Jesus, inspired to use fully our abilities for learning and teaching in a cooperative environment of challenge, discovery and innovation;
  • We walk with Jesus, committed to life-enhancing relationships characterised by respect and inclusiveness;
  • We walk with Jesus, conscious of our personal responsibility to build a society which is just, peaceful and cares for the world’s environments.


Contact Staff

87-109 Bakers Lane
Kemps Creek NSW 2178
PO Box 631, St Marys 1790
tel 9670 8300

Please use the form below to contact Emmaus Catholic College.

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Contact Staff

  • 87-109 Bakers Lane
    Kemps Creek NSW 2178
    PO Box 631, St Marys 1790
    tel 9670 8300

    Please use the form below to contact Emmaus Catholic College.

  •  Send us an email
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