Bring Your Own Device

Emmaus Catholic College runs a mandatory 1:1 (one device per student) Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program where incoming Year 7 students supply their own device for learning.

The 1:1 BYOD program has enabled the College to divert funds into more sound programs such as upgrading existing computer labs used for elective courses, increasing the range and density of our wireless network infrastructure, and the rollout of Mobile TV’s and LED LCD TV’s in replacement of projectors, which is allowing a higher level of interactivity and collaborative learning. Our purchasing strategy also includes the supply of apps and software.

Please read through the information below and if you have any questions concerning the purchase of an appropriate device for your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Monique Dalli or Mr Mitchell Multari at the College.

Frequently Asked Questions

Years 7 - 9 Years 10
mixed/transition year
Years 11 - 12
32GB storage Minimum screen size 9.7”
Keep device from Years 7/8

Minimum storage: 128GB (512GB Recommended)
Minimum storage: 128GB
(512GB Recommended)


Insurance can be sought through the retail store of purchase using the Apple Protection Plan, or through your own insurance company of choice as a portable valuable.

Emmaus does not take responsibility for personal items and devices brought to school. Students need to be directly responsible. Students bring their own property to the school at their own risk and the school will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

Classroom operation is not designed for bring any device, this means that students are advised to purchase an iPad so that classroom delivery can be streamlined. You do not need to purchase a NEW iPad, you can use an existing one or purchase a refurbished model.

Files and documents are saved within the application they are created in, for example if a document is created in Notability, it is saved within the app on the iPad and backed up to Google Drive. We have selected apps that will improve a students’ productivity and allow for ease of saving/sharing between devices.

A 16GB iPad will pose some challenges in subjects where file sizes are large (such as HSIE, CAPA and TAS), this can always be worked around by using cloud storage (Google Drive) and prioritising current work. iPad Minis are discouraged, the screen size is not suitable as a learning tool, in subjects such as CAPA and TAS this may be problematic as the keyboard covers half of the screen.

As long as the iPad has a minimum storage of 32Gb – it can be any model, an iPad Air, iPad are all suitable. We do not recommend the iPad Mini as the smaller screen size can make completing some work tedious. Apple sell refurbished iPads with a full warranty here:

A second hand iPad without warranty may not be ideal as the warranty can cover school/teenager use.

Students are NOT required to directly pay for apps required for school use, they are budgeted within school fees. To receive educational discounts on apps we have signed up for the Volume Purchase Program. If a new iTunes account needs to be created, there are simple steps to follow and conditions found here:

Each app/software is OWNED by individual students/iTunes account holder, this means the misuse of any apple content or app (for example re-distribution) is the responsibility of the iTunes account holder/student.

Classroom operation is not designed for bring any device, this is due to hardware and software systems currently in use at Emmaus, this means that students are advised to purchase an Apple so that classroom delivery can be streamlined and students have access to all network systems and software/apps. All software is supplied and security software enabled.

Years 11-12 have lists for required textbooks.

Teachers are using learning products like Weebly, STILE and Google Classroom. These provide an online classroom space for students to access learning materials, these tools allow staff to use a variety of learning materials (that don't just come from one source/book).