Emmaus College's main form of communication between home and school is the fortnightly newsletter

The newsletter is sent home via email on a Thursday afternoon and is archived on this website for you to download. The latest newsletters can be found below.

  Term 2 Issue 5 2018

In this issue: Important Dates, Principal's Update, Religious Education Update, From the Science Lab, Creative and Performing Arts Update, From the Sports Field, Social Justice, Community News & more...


  Term 2 Issue 4 2018

In this issue: Principal's Address, Dates to Remember, Religious Education News, Year 12 Retreat, From the Science Lab, From the HSIE Department, Creative and Performing Arts Update, Year 9 Canberra Trip, Sporting News, TAS Update, Community News & more...

  Term 2 Issue 3 2018

Principal's Address, Important Dates, Wellbeing Week, Emmaus Day, Destination Imagination, English Block Refurbishment, Staffing Changes, Parking Reminders, European Study Tour, Science Lab Update, CAPA Update, Emmaus Day Talent Show, Learning Technology News & more...

  Term 2 Issue 2 2018

Principal's Address, 30 Years of Emmaus, Congratulations to Emily Cheng, Mulgoa Senior Captains Leadership Forum, Assistant Principal's Address, Wellbeing Watch, Religious Education News, Science News, Creative and Performing Arts Update, Learning Technology Update, Sporting News, Bus Changes & more...

  Term 2 Issue 1 2018

Principal's Update, Staffing Changes, New College Website, College Hoodies, Events During the Holidays, Assistant Principal's Address, Wellbeing Watch, Religious Education News, Science Update, CAPA Update, HSIE News, Year 9 PBL Event, Learning Technology News, Sporting News, Social Justice, TAS News, Korean Cultural Excursion & more...

  Term 1 Issue 5

Principal's Message, Important Newsletter Changes, English Block Refurbishment, Assistant Principal's Address, Wellbeing Watch, Religious Education, From the Science Lab, Learning Technology, CAPA Update, Year 11 Art Excursion, TAS News, Sport News and more...

  Term 1 Issue 4 2018

Principal's Message, New Website, Year 7 Camp, Project Based Learning, Assistant Principal's Message, International Women's Day, Religious Education News, Year 9 Spirituality Day, Science News, LIFTED Leadership Forum, Legal Studies Excursion & more...

  Term 1 Issue 3 2018

Principal's Update, HSC Minimum Standards, Assistant Principal's Update, Religious Education News, Curriculum Update, Science News, Student Leaders Forum, CAPA News, Sporting News and Community Updates

  Term 1 Issue 2 2018

Principal's Address, Important Dates, Academic Award Ceremony, Swimming Carnival, Religious Education News, Wellbeing Watch, Science News, TAS News, CAPA News and Sporting Updates

  2018 Term 1 Issue 1

News, newsletter, car park, grooming, staff, Lent, house cup, merits, demerits, TAS news, sport

  2017 Term 4 Issue 5

news, Emmaus Catholic College, reports, uniform, staff farewells, End of year mass, White Ribbon Day, Science awards, tree planting, HSIE news, Market Day, CAPA news, sporting news

  2017 Term 4 Issue 4

news, Victor Chang award, yearbook, technology news, CAPA news, science news, uniform

  2017 Term 4 Issue 3

Emmaus Retirement Village, Year 12 Student Leaders, Remembrance Day, Year 10 Spirituality Day, Captivate, Sport news, news, Emmaus catholic College,

  2017 Term 4 Issue 2

news, uniform shop, furniture update, Yr 9 Digital Media excursion, CAPTIVATE, sport news, Korean news, Yr 12 Formal, fees

  2017 Term 4 Issue 1

Newsletter, staff spirituality day, attendance, ANZAC Day Schools Award, Business Studies Competition, service, HERE, BYOD, news, CAPA news

  2017 Term 3 Issue 5

News, newsletter, uniform, HERE, sport, TAS news, HSC major works, science news, MADD Night

  2017 Term 3 Issue 4

Year 11 Retreat, news, Year 12 Major works, showcase, BYOLD, ACYF, science news, CAPA news, Year 10 Art excursion

  2017 Term 3 Issue 3

Emmaus Day, NAPLAN, attendance, Assumption Mass, HERE, Science news, Sport news, CAPA news

  2017 Term 3 Issue 2

Study, Year 8 Spirituality Day, sport news, news, Science news, Christmas in July, TAS news, CAPA news,

  2017 Term 3 Issue 1

Culture Project, Digital Nutrition, HSIE news, Careers news, CAPA news, TAS news, Penrith Lakes excursion

  2017 Term 2 Issue 5

2017 Term 2 Issue 5, TAS Exhibition, NSW Training Awards,CAPTIVATE showcase,Utilising technologies for study, Students Donate Blood

  2017 Term 2 Issue 4

Winter Sleep Out, Yr 12 retreat, social media, science news, HSIE news, Mock Trial, Captivate

  2017 Term 2 Issue 3

Mission statement, Subject Market, sleep, charging station, Science news, HSIE news, Captivate, cross country, TAS news

  2017 Term 2 Issue 1

ANZAC Day, Easter Liturgy, NAPLAN, wellbeing, Sport News, Snake Tails, CAPA News

  2017 Term 2 Issue 2

Australian Catholic Youth Festival, ACYF, phone system, new phone number, Religious Education excursions, Pentecost Sunday, Mock Trial, STEM, Penrith Lakes excursion, CAPA news

  2017 Term 1 Issue 5

2018 enrolments, Easter, Sport, Science news, CAPA news, Encore, Captivate, Mock Trial, Careers news

  2017 Term 1 Issue 4

Harmony Day, Year 9 Spirituality Day, BYOD, Sport, Swimming Carnival, Captivate, Careers news, Science news

  2017 Term 1 Issue 3

Lent, Catholic Schools Week, Yr 7 Orientation Camp, minimum standards in learning, Public Speaking, Science news, swimming carnival, Year 10 Geography excursion, HSIE competitions, CAPA news, Fast Forward, 2018 Europe Study Tour

  2017 Term 1 Issue 2

Principal's report, swimming carnival, Academic Awards Assembly, attendance, Platinum Award, Year 7 Spirituality Day, HERE program, HSC Design and Technology, HSIE Year 10 excursion, CAPA news, Science news, careers information, 2018Europe study tour

  2017 Term 1 Issue 1

Principal's welcome, uniform, attendance, peer support, Catholic Mission Mass, Safer Internet Day, 2018 Europe Study Tour, music instrument classes, mock trial, careers news, bell times

  2015 Term 4 Issue 5

Uniform expectations, Christmas wishes, hampers, Shakespeare, awards, Market Day, BYOD

  2016 Term 4 Issue 4

Everything's connected, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Award, AFL, recycling, St Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper Appeal, Parent/Teacher Report Consultation Day, careers, HERE program, Library website, World Youth Day, Emmaus Day

  2015 Term 4 Issue 3

Everything's Connected, Remembrance Day, school photography, BYOD

  2016 Term 4 Issue 2

Term 4 Issue 2

  2016 Term 4 Issue 1

Welcome from our new Principal, Korean trip, farewell to Year 12, Staff Spirituality Day, R-U-OK Week, BYOD, Lachlan Sepping, Luke Trevillian, Public Speaking, Australian Geography Competition, UNSW Business Studies Competition, World Teachers Day

  2016 Term 3 Issue 5

Farewell to Peter Brogan, TAS Major Works, African drumming, VET, Nursing, castles, Year 9 Fast Forward program

  2016 Term 3 Issue 4

The relics and mercy mass, Naplan Online trial, coding challenge, inter-school boys soccer,science update and memorial items at Emmaus

  2016 Term 3 Issue 2

Class Captains, repairing devices, Astronomy, Fast Forward, Christmas in July, Year 9 Canberra Excursion, All-Weather shelter

  2016 Term 3 Issue 1

World Youth Day, Col Shepherd Memorial Scholarship, National Science Week, Year 7 Geography, School Awards

  2016 Term 2 Issue 5

Motivational Media, College Leaders, Winter Sleep Out, Bishop's Installation, WYD Trivia Night, VET In School Student of the Year Award, Italy Trip, Athletics Carnival

  2016 Term 2 Issue 4

Year 9 Spirituality Day, tree planting, HSIE news, John Pridmore

  2016 Term 2 Issue 3

Attendance, Student leaders, early departure, Boar War Commemoration, Trivia Night fundraiser, Rugby League, Drama, Science news, Mock Trial, Subject Market

  2016 Term 2 Issue 2

Trivia Night, Sport, Science excursion

  2016 Term 2 Issue 1

NAPLAN, Anzac Day, blended learning, Yr 7 camp, Yr 10 Visual Arts excursion, Mock Trial, Yr 9 Photography, Enviro group

  2016 Term 1 Issue 5

Newsletter, technology, sport, harmony day, Shakespeare

  2016 Term 1, Issue 4

In the Science Lab, Mock Trial News, Year 10 Geography Excursion, Taronga Zoo's Eco Forum.

  2016 Term 1, Issue 3

Year 7 iLearn, Student Behaviour and Learning Surveys, Harmony Week, National day of Action against Bullying, Aurecon Bridge Building Competition, Amphitheatre

  2016 Term 1 Issue 2

Swimming Carnival, Academic Prizes, study, IT, Museum of Human Diseases excursion, Enviro Group, school fees

  2016 Term 1 Issue 1

HSC results, Opal cards, school award system

  2015 Term 4 Issue 5

Leaving Staff say Farewell, CAPA Overview, Year 8 & 10 RE Reports, IST Personal Interest Projects. This is the final Newsletter for the Year.

  2015 Term 4 Issue 4

Yr 7 retreat, Walkathon Day out, Col Shepherd Scholarship, Workskills Competition, AVSP Award, Captivate Immersion Program, Student Awards

  2015 Term 4 Issue 4

Yr 7 retreat, Walkathon Day out, Col Shepherd Scholarship, Workskills Competition, AVSP Award, Captivate Immersion Program, Student Awards

  2015 Term 4 Issue 3

St Vincent de Paul Christas Appeal, WYD2016 Raffle Tickets, Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge, NSWCCC Athletics Carnival

  2015 Term 4 Issue 2

Careers news, Year 12 Formal

  2015 Term 4 Issue 1

Careers news, performing arts, Victor Chang Year 11 Science Awards, absence procedures

  2014 Term 3 Issue 5

Emmaus Village, repairing devices, walkathon, VET, baseball, Harmony Day, Operation Art, Open Mike Day

  2015 Term 3 Issue 4

Walkathon, Emmaus calendar, MADDD, careers, PDSSSC, Book Week, parking

  2014 Term 3 Issue 3

Walkathon, Captivate, Assumption Mass, Year 9 Canberra Excursion, Leadership Forum, Careers, Christmas in July, parking

  2015 Term 3 Issue 2

Leadership Induction, Christmas in July for Retirement Village, Year 8 Spirituality Day

  2015 Term 3 Issue 1

Student Leadership Team, Breakout Spaces, MADDD Night, Emmaus Song, Emmaus Walk,

  2014 Term 2 Issue 5

Sport, careers, jobjump, forensic science

  2015 Term 2 Issue 4

Parking, Subject Market, HSC Trials, Student Leadership Team 2015-2016, baseball, forensics workshop

  2015 Term 2 Issue 3

School awards, baseball, MADD, PDSSSC, swimming, careers news, knit for charity

  2015 Term 2 Issue 2

Teaching awards, Korean visit, Year 10 music, Roy Dollin - local war hero, Year 11 Penrith Lakes excursion

  2015 Term 2 Issue 1

CAPA, cross country, NAPLAN

  2015 Term 1 Issue 5

Emmaus Newsletter, How to Fast, Holy Week, The Bridge Building, Operation Art 2015

  2015 Term 1 Issue 4

Emmaus Newsletter, Emmaus Productions, Open Night, road safety

  2015 Term 1 Issue 2

Silver Awards, Sporting Blues, On Stage, PDSSC, Swimming Carnival, Careers News, IT News, Science, Emmaus Video Productions

  2015 Term 1 Issue 1

Welcome back to 2015

  2014 Term 4 Issue 5

Year 12 Retreat, St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal, Victor Chang Award, Emmaus Bytes, Korean Diplomat Visit, Colin Shepherd Award, Social Justice, Futsal, Fees

  2014 Term 4 Issue 4

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal, Peer Support, Student Tax File numbers.

  2014 Term 4 Issue 3

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal, Futsal, Awards, Sculptures by the Sea

  2014 Term 4 Issue 2

Online safety, Feast of All Saints,Captivate, High Tea for Mrs Ryce

  2014 Term 4 Issue 1

Cyber bullying, HSC, walkathon sponsors, peace ceremony, Bishop of Parramatta’s Annual Award, Year 12 formal, Sculpture by the Sea, Emmaus Portrait Prize, red moon, careers news

  2014 Term 3 Issue 5

Walkathon, summer school uniform

  2014 Term 3 Issue 4

Attendance, Bus Travel, Captivate, Careers, PDSSSC Athletics Carnival

  2014 Term 3 Issue 3

Semester One Prizegiving, Year 11 Assessment, Operation Art, Art Express, JobJump, OzTag,

  2014 Term 3 Issue 2

Walkathon, bullying, practice HSC, Showcase, JobJump

  2014 Term 3 Issue 1

Information regarding our upcoming Walkathon

  2014 Term 2 Issue 4

School leaders reception, athletics carnival, operation art.


Newsletter highlighting our recent Mufti Day.

  2014 Term 2 Issue 2

The Emmaus Walk 8th August, Diocesan Works Fund Appeal, Showcase, Stirrers at Emmaus, Sport Report.

  2014 Term 2 Issue 1

Welcome back to Term 2, St Luke, Attendance, Dropping off students, Winter uniform, Mother’s Day, ANZAC Day, Events, Junior Music, CAPA Sport, Big Science competition, Careers, College Photo Day,

  2014 Term 1 Issue 5

Emmaus Catholic College Newsletter 2014 - Term 1 Issue 5

  2014 Term 1 Issue 4

Emmaus Catholic College Newsletter 2014 - Term 1 Issue 4

  2014 Term 1 Issue 3

Emmaus Catholic College Newsletter 2014 - Term 1 Issue 3

  2014 Term 1 Issue 2

Emmaus Catholic College Newsletter 2014 - Term 1 Issue 2

  2014 Term 1 Issue 1

Emmaus Catholic College Newsletter 2014 - Term 1 Issue 1