Vision & Mission

Why 'Emmaus'?

The name ‘Emmaus’ and the school’s motto – ‘we walk with Jesus’ – comes from the Gospel account of two travellers journeying to Emmaus who met the risen Christ and through this encounter were able to recognise truth and to grow in self-understanding and respect for others (Luke 24:13-35). So too are our students encouraged to welcome Jesus as the centre of their lives. 

Mission Statement

We walk with Jesus as people of FAITH:

  • Seeking to know, love and serve our God
  • Proudly celebrating our Catholic tradition and values
  • Sharing in prayer and the sacramental life of the Church
  • Proclaiming the Word and bearing witness to the Good News

We walk with Jesus as people of MERCY:

  • Giving thanks for God’s abundant mercy 
  • Living a life of contemplation and action
  • Embracing an attitude of forgiveness and compassion
  • Enlivened by the spirit of Catherine McAuley and the Mercy Sisters

We walk with Jesus as people of RESPECT:

  • Conscious of our own human dignity
  • Valuing learning opportunities and striving for excellence 
  • Treating others with care, kindness, tolerance and consideration 
  • Committed to responsible stewardship of the environment

We walk with Jesus as people of HOSPITALITY:

  • Seeking to create a welcoming and inclusive community
  • Offering friendship, comfort and support
  • Fostering trust, honesty, openness and integrity
  • Celebrating diversity

We walk with Jesus as people of SERVICE:

  • Reaching out to others, especially the poor and marginalised
  • Generously sharing our time, gifts, talents and resources
  • Placing the needs of others before our own
  • Working for peace, justice and equality

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