Student Leaders

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) meets regularly to plan events, charity drives and to discuss issues or areas for improvement in our College. The SLT run College assemblies and are the voice behind our daily Angelus prayer at Emmaus.

College Captains and Vice Captains
College Captain Natallie Schembri
College Captain Pasquale Turano
College Vice Captain Jacqui Al-Chami
College Vice Captain Costa Moulakis


House Captains
Cana Isabella Bartulovic, Yianni Nicholopoulos
Jordan Lauren Klugt, Arvind Suresh
Mamre Ashley Hudson, Harrison Zussa
Tabor Angel Sleiman, Nikolas Estolano


Year 11 House Leaders
Cana Holly Everingham, Aro Gar
Jordan Anastacia Filer, Zion Garcia
Mamre Maddy Peppas, Xaviere Santos
Tabor Veronica Peter, Dean Schinella