Our Staff

Students of students at Emmaus Catholic College are supported by a professional, dedicated and committed teaching staff, who constantly seek to encourage students to realise their potential.

If you would like to contact a member of staff please feel free to contact the school by phone on (02) 9670 8300 weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm or use our contact form.


College Leadership Team
Principal Mr Robert Nastasi
Assistant Principal Ms Melinda Bowd
Acting Director of Mission and Learning Ms Jeanette Cocks
Director of Learning and Wellbeing Mr Stephen Roberts
Director of Learning and Curriculum Mr Darren Conway
Curriculum Administration Coordinator Mrs Melissa Else
Business Manager Mr Harvey Anchique


Positions of Responsibility
Student Leaders Coordinator Ms Amy Borg
Mentoring Coordinator Junior School (Yr 7-9): Mr Kyle Churchill
Teacher Librarian Mrs Sharon Ellery
Careers Adviser Mrs Maria Scarfone
Regional VET Ms Irene Pereira
Counsellor Miss Christine Comito
Accounts Mrs Kylie Luckman and Mrs Tammy Bigeni
Enrolment Mrs Barbara Biermann


Leaders of Wellbeing (Year Coordinators)
Year 7 Mr Ross Ashdown
Year 8 Ms Natalie Gaudiosi
Year 9 Mr Grant Levy
Year 10 Mr Alex Murphy
Year 11 Mrs Dominique Luke
Year 12 Mr Mark O'Connor


Leaders of Learning (KLA Coordinators)
Subject Coordinator Assistant Coordinator
Religious Education Mrs Jeanette Cocks Mrs Pia Waring
Diversity Mrs Sharyn Vogels
English Mrs Veronica Schinella Ms Kristin Germanos
Mathematics Mrs Angela Allen
Mr Alex Vandrasco
PDHPE Mr Robert Brunt
HSIE Mrs Melissa Else Mrs Rebecca Curran
TAS Mr Steve Bauer Mrs Kylie Burns
Creative Arts Mrs Claudia Harris
Science Mrs Melissa Dodds Mr Glenn Halpin
LOTE Mr Darren Conway
Head of Sport Ms Kayla Hely
Learning Technology Mr Glenn Halpin


Teaching Staff
Religious Education Jeanette Cocks
Pia Waring
Michael White
Anna Lopeti
Francine Van Der Meer
Jade Ashton
Cassandra Cagliuso
Maths Angela Allen
Alex Vendrasco
Jake Pearman-Sultana
Grant Levy
Alok Abraham
Stephen Roberts
Joneil Yuzon
Laura Peacock
Jason Tabone
English Veronica Schinella
Kristen Germanos
Lisa DiMarco
Edward Ahn
Melinda Bowd
Mark O'Connor
Jack Brogan
Darren Conway
Cassandra Micallef
Alexander Petrocco
TAS (Technology and Applied Studies) Steve Bauer
Kylie Burns
Natalie Gaudiosi
Andrew Edwards
Bernadette Neasy
Rita Papalia
Danielle Grills
Jade Ashton
Sharon Ellery
Sean Joyce

Science Melissa Dodds
Glenn Halpin
Dominque Luke
Jake Webster
Meike Corbin
Deanna Martin
Gregory Chahrozian
Ross Ashdown

CAPA Claudia Harris
Luke Connolly
Claire Stevenson
Jade Ashton
Nicholas Ferreri

HSIE Melissa Else
Rebecca Curran
Sheree McQueen
Alex Murphy
Danielle Nevin
Michael White
Daniel Brattoni
Amy Borg
Taylor Rylewski
Mark O'Connor
Carmen Rojo
PDHPE Rob Brunt
Kyle Churchill
Emma Gaudry
Kayla Hely
Stephen Roberts
Philip Pincevic
James Hammond
Erica Butler
Naomi Richardson
HERE Darren Conway
Sheree McQueen
LOTE Kyle Jung
Maria Scarfone
Alexander Petrocco


Diversity Support Staff
Sharyn Vogels Learning Support Leader
Janet Keenan Learning Support
Nancy Morosin Learning Support
Daniella Petrini Learning Support
Pauline Xuereb Learning Support
Jacinta Campbell Learning Support
Carolyn Vella Learning Support
Jessica Boustany Learning Support
Kelly Neely Learning Support
Julian Saba Learning Support
Jothy Thavartnam Learning Support
Marie Barbaro R3 Program


Support Staff
Harvey Anchique Business Manager
Linda Schembri Principal's Assistant
Barbara Biermann Student Services/Enrolment
Tammy Bigeni Accounts
Amalia Chebatte Student Services
Christine Conroy Student Services
Michelle Dixon Uniform Shop
Gayle Ellis Student Services
Raelene Finlayson Science/Lab Assistant
Joanne Franzke Canteen
Georgia Jamieson IT Trainee
Matthew Lowden Maintenance
Kylie Luckman Accounts
Emmanuel Magee Maintenance
Rosemaree Marsh Library
Mitchell Multari IT Manager
Sonia Petersen Canteen
Judy Pullen Food Tech Assistant / Canteen
Danielle Rixon Canteen
Elizabeth Warren Admin Coordinator
Lyn Weller Attendance Officer/Reception
Vicky Williamson Canteen


Aspect Staff
Miles Carlier Aspect Teacher
Cassandra Sharp Aspect Teacher
Beth Lane Teacher's Aide